KAT-TUN just announced details on their 19th single “Fumetsu no Scrum” (Scrum of Immortals) which is featured as theme song for TBS/MBS TV drama series “Dragon Seinendan”. The title track is a powerful rock tune fused with lyrics that recall the bonds of youth. The single comes in 3 editions including a Limited First Press with bonus solo song by Tanaka Koki. “Fumetsu no Scrum” hits stores September 12th – more early details follow…

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Drama series “Dragon Seinendan” began airing July 14th on TBS and stars Yasuda Shota of KANJANI8.

Single “Fumetsu no Scrum” comes in three editions – each as different CD coupling song none are titled yet,

– Limited with bonus DVD that includes music video and off-shoot footage for title track.
– Limited First Press with bonus DVD. The CD track list includes solo song by Tanaka Koki and DVD includes music video for the solo song plus a members off-shoot footage.
– Regular CD-only with bonus Karaoke tracks.

Release details are still early – complete track list, cover jackets, and possible bonuses aren’t yet announced so check back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

KAT-TUN – “Fumetsu no Scrum” – release date September 12th 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1470)

Limited First Press [CD+DVD] (¥1400)

1. Fumetsu no Scrum
2. coupling A
3. coupling A (off vocal)
1. Fumetsu no Scrum (music video)
2. Fumetsu no Scrum (off shoot)
1. Fumetsu no Scrum
2. coupling B (solo Tanaka Koki)
1. coupling B (music video, solo Tanaka Koki)
2. all members footage (off shoot)
Regular [CD] (¥1000)

1. Fumetsu no Scrum
2. coupling C
3. Fumetsu no Scrum (off vocal)
3. coupling C (off vocal)


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