Tohoshinki (TVXQ) has announced a new album “HUMANOIDS” which is a re-packaged version of their Korean album “Catch Me” that features two new songs “Humanoids” and “Here I Stand”. As part of the release promotion Tohoshinki has revealed the full music video for “Humanoids”. The Japanese import version also includes a photobook and will be available December 6th. More details and music video follows.

Tohoshinki (TVXQ) earlier announced a new Japanese single that includes “Catch Me”, their hit Korean song remixed with Japanese lyrics and a new original Japanese ballad song “I Know”. The new Japanese single is scheduled to hit stores January 16th 2013 (more release details)

They released their 6th Korean album “CATCH ME” on September 24th and a special Japan import version of the album released November 2nd (more details here).

Tohoshinki also announced a major dome stadium tour for Spring 2013 in Japan – the tour will hit venues in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. The details not generally announced but the first stop is April 27th at Saitama Super Arena. Fanclub members get priority for tickets and information – more details at the “Bigeast” website (link at bottom).

Enjoy the full music video for “HUMANOIDS” below the release details..

Tohoshinki – “HUMANDOIDS” (Korean Import) – release date December 6th 2012

Regular [CD+Photobook] (¥1623)

1. Humanoids
2. Catch Me
3. Here I stand
4. Jinsei wa Hikari tte ita (Viva)
5. Destiny
6. Sekken no yo ni (Like a soap)
7. I don’t know (Korean ver.)
8. Yume (Dream)
9. How are you
10. Getaway
11. I swear
12. Gorgeous
13. Good Night




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Tohoshinki Official website (Japanese)