Yuuka Nanri is providing the opening theme for anime Magical Warfare (Maho Senso) with her 5th solo single Senko no PRISONER. Full track list, single release events, and trailer for anime Magical Warfare featuring the opening theme revealed. Single Senko no PRISONER comes on one edition hitting stores on February 5th 2014 – updated details and new trailer video follow…

~ updated details, PV unveiled ~

Singer and voice actress Yuuka Nanri previously released single BLOODY HOLIC (2013.08.07) featured as the ending theme for anime Blood Lad (more details) and her 3rd solo single Kiseki (2011.08.03) with tie-up as ending theme for anime Sacred Seven.

Yuuka Nanri is also a member of vocal group FictionJunction and solo project FictionJunction YUUKA. Both projects lead by composer Yuki Kajiura. FictionJunction is releasing 2nd album elemental on January 22nd 2014 (more details). In conjunction with the new album a live tour begins with two events, FictionJunction YUUKA 2Days Special, featuring Yuuka Nanri (vocals) with Yuriko Kaida (FictionJunction, chorus) and Hikaru (Kalafina, chorus),

– February 8th 2014 5:15pm Nakano Sun Plaza
– February 9th 2014 3:15pm Nakano Sun Plaza

Yuuka Nanri is holding launch events (mini-live, talk, and bonus photo) for new single Senko no PRISONER. Event tickets distributed to purchasers of the new single at the target stores,

– February 15th 2014 5:30pm Animate Osaka (Animate stores Tennoji, Himeji, Kyoto, Osaka, Umeda)
– February 22nd 2014 6:00pm Animate Yokohama (Animate stores Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shibuya, Yokohama)

Anime Magical Warfare (Maho Senso)is adapted from light novels by Hisashi Suzuki. The modern day action story follows Takeshi Nanase who is changed from a normal high school student into a magician during an encounter with a collapse Mui Aiba who herself is a magician. Takeshi learns that there is a separate world where magic wielders do battle.

The anime features Mamoru Miyano (Takeshi) and Nao Toyama (Mui) and begins airing January 9th 2014 on TBS TV in Japan. No information yet if it will be available outside of Japan.

Yuuka Nanri’s new single Senko no PRISONER comes on one Regular edition. The title track is provided by a team from Elements Garden and the coupling track is a collaboration with FUMIDO. Jacket cover and other details will be updated when announced.

Watch the trailer for anime Magical Warfare featuring opening theme song Senko no PRISONER below the release details.

Yuuka NanriSenko no PRISONER – release date February 5th 2014

Regular [CD] (¥1100)
1. Senko no PRISONER
lyrics: Karasawa Yuka, composer: Mori Haruki, arranger: Iwahashi Hoshi

2. Nukumori w/FUMIDO
lyrics: Watari Kazuhisa, composer: Watari Kazuhisa, arranger: FUMIDO

3. Senko no PRISONER (off vocal)
4. Nukumori (off vocal)




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