Maaya Sakamoto (坂本真綾) revealed more details for single Replica -  jacket covers along with new anime preview unveiled. Her 24th single has tie-up as the next opening theme for anime M3 the dark metal (M3 ~ Sono Kuroki Hagane ~). Single Replica comes on two editions releasing August 20th 2014 – updated details and PV follow….

~ PV revealed ~

The new single’s title song is a collaboration with lyrics written by Maaya Sakamoto and Uchisawa Takahito of rock band androp composing the music. Coupling track coming up has lyrics written by Maaya Sakamoto and music provided by Hara Masakazu from the band apart. They previously collaborated on song Be mine! featured as the opening theme for anime World Conquest Zvezda Plot.

Anime M3 the dark metal (M3 ~ Sono Kuroki Hagane ~) is an original anime from studio Satelight. The story, set in the near future, follows a group of high school students in Tokyo who must deal with black zone with strange beings called Imashime.

The anime began airing April 21st 2014 on Tokyo MX and outside of Japan provider simulcasts. The first opening theme Re:REMEMBER is provided by May’n and the upcoming second ending theme is provided by nano with song SABLE part of her 5th single INFINITY ≠ ZERO / SABLE (more details).

Single Replica comes on two editions. Limited comes with bonus CD with four songs captured April 2014 during mini-live release event “DUO” featuring Maaya Sakamoto accompanied by pianist Ohgiya Kento (扇谷研人).

New trailer for anime M3 the dark metal featuring OP2 Replica after the release details.

Maaya SakamotoReplica – release date August 20th 2014

Limited [CD+CD] (¥1800)
Regular [CD] (¥1100)
1. Replica
lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto, music: Uchisawa Takahito (androp), strings arrangement: Ishidsuka Toru

2. coming up
lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto, music Hara Masakazu(the band apart)

3. Replica (off vocal)
4. coming up (off vocal)

Mini-live “DUO” w/ Ohgiya Kento
1. Platinum
lyrics: Iwasato Yuho, music: Yoko Kanno

2. Be mine!
lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto, music: the band apart

3. Neko to Inu
lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto, music: Yoko Kanno

4. Singer Songwriter
lyrics, music: Maaya Sakamoto 

1. Replica
2. coming up
3. Replica (off vocal)
4. coming up (off vocal)



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