Sasaki Sayaka (佐咲紗花) announced her 10th single (CHIASTOLITE) with tie-up as the ending theme for upcoming anime GARO Hono no Kokuin. Sasaki Sayaka tweeted she wrote the lyrics for the title song and recently finished recording. The single comes on two editions scheduled for release on October 29th 2014 – read on for more early details and anime preview…

~ jacket covers and more revealed ~

Most recently singer and songwriter Sasaki Sayaka released 9th single Junction heart on April 23rd 2014. The title track has tie-up as opening theme for anime TV series Broken Blade and coupling track NEO-DIMENSION also gets tie-up as the theme song for mobile app/game BREAK x BURST.

Sasaki Sayaka signed with the Lantis record label after winning the 2009 3rd annual Animax Song Grand Prix of Japan. She often writes the lyrics for the songs on her singles, albums, and other releases.

Anime GARO Hono no Kokuin is based on the established GARO Project (tokusatsu) drama. The dark story follows humans with the job of Makai Knights that fight against Horrors (demons). There have been several live action TV dramas and movies since 2006 including GARO Makai no Hana that started airing in April 2014. This is the franchises first anime adaption.


A new story written by Kobayashi Yasuko (Attack on Titan) will be directed by Hayashi Yuichiro with animation production handled by Studio Mappa. The anime is scheduled to begin airing October 2014 (more details at official website linked below).

The opening theme Hono no Kokuin ~Divine Flame~ – as will all opening themes for the project (TV series and movies) – will be provided by JAM Project.

More details are coming for Sasaki Sayaka’s 10th single – title song, full track list, jacket covers, and more – follow Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

Watch the preview trailer for anime GARO Hono no Kokuin after the release details.

Sasaki Sayaka10th single (CHIASTOLITE) – release date October 29th 2014

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)

Regular “Anime” [CD] (¥1200)

1. untitled (Ending theme)
2. – 4. undecided
1. music video
1. untitled (Ending theme)
2. – 4. undecided



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