AAA is getting ready to release new single I’ll be there an up-tempo dance tune. Their 43rd single is the first of 7 months of consecutive releases celebrating their 10th anniversary. Single I’ll be there comes on one CD-only edition hitting stores January 28th 2015. Read on for more details and audio preview.

The next part of their 10th anniversary consecutive releases has been announced – 44th single Lil ‘Infinity – scheduled to hit stores February 25th 2015 (more details coming).

Each of the 7 releases (planned singles) can be purchased via special mu-mo shop that included application ticket for AAA 10th Anniversary Special LIVE events. Fans submitting codes from all 7 releases will be awarded ticket to attend event planned for September 13th & 14th at Yoyogi First Gymnasium Tokyo.

Popular unit AAA released 9th original album GOLD SYMPHONY on October 1st 2014 (more details). The album hit #1 on the weekly Oricon charts. Previously they released 42nd single Sayonara no Mae ni (さよならの前に) on September 17th 2014. The single includes coupling track Next Stage with tie-up as the theme song for special 15th anniversary of One Piece 2-hour anime One Piece 3D2Y Ace no shi wo koete! Luffy nakama to no chikai.

Single I’ll be there comes on one CD-only edition (selected stores offer music-card versions also). Single includes “World’s First AR technology with 3D capture Doll”.

Full single audio-only video after the release details.

AAA – I’ll be there – release date January 28th 2015

Regular [CD] (¥777)
1. I’ll be there
2. I’ll be there (off vocal)




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