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Entering the true Zone, the united team of Seirin begins catching up to Rakuzan. However, with only 40 seconds remaining, the end of the game approaches.

Abandoning his teammates, Akashi enters the Zone and begins handling both offense and defense by himself. When Kagami becomes paralyzed in the face of such overwhelming strength, Kuroko suggests they work together against Akashi.

The game enters the final quarter! The ten minutes that will determine the champions of the Winter Cup have begun.
Having found a way to stop Mibuchi through Koganei’s play, Hyuga returns to the court while carrying the risk of a fifth foul to challenge Mibuchi once again! As though inspired by Hyuga’s resolve, Kiyoshi dominates Nebuya with all his might and gets rebound after rebound.

The Seirin-Rakuzan game enters the third quarter. Seirin continues to place their hope in their scorers Hyuga and Kagami. However, Akashi tries to nip their glimmer of hope. Hyuga is his target.
When Mibuchi’s “Earth” shot turns Hyuga’s aggression against him and Hyuga receives another foul, he receives a fourth when he argues with the referee. Admist Seirin’s desperate situation, Kuroko returns to the court.

Mayuzumi’s mysterious power finally becomes clear.
With the same qualities as Kuroko, he uses misdirection as a weapon as Rakuzan’s “Phantom Sixth Man.”
Additionally, the “new model” is even good enough to make shots on his own.


OLDCODEX updated the release details for new single single Lantana – jacket covers, full track list, and preview music video unveiled. Their 10th single has tie-up as the 3rd ending theme for season 3 of anime Kuroko’s Basketball. Single Lantana comes on two editions hitting stores June 10th 2015. Updated details and PVs follow.

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GRANRODEO recently updated the release details for new single Memories – jacket covers, full track list, and preview music video unveiled. Their 23rd single is featured as the opening theme for anime Kuroko’s Basketball 3 starting with the Seirin vs. Rakuzan arc. Single Memories comes on three editions scheduled for release June 3rd 2015. Updated details and PVs follow. (*anime jacket cover updated)

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After hearing about Kuroko’s experience at Teiko Middle School the previous night, the members of Seirin rise the next morning ready to face the championship game. Players from all schools gather at the stadium to witness the final day of the Winter Cup.