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The night before the final against Rakuzan, Kuroko begins telling the Seirin team about his past with the Generation of Miracles. Though Kuroko joined the distinguished Teiko Middle School basketball team, he placed into the third string.


GRANRODEO announced they’ll provide the 3rd opening theme that starts with the final arc of Kuroko’s Basketball season 3. They provided all opening themes for the anime except for the upcoming Teiko arc. Their 23rd single isn’t yet titled but planned for three editions scheduled for release June 3rd 2015. Read on for more early release details.

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In the face of Akashi’s “Emperor Eye,” which allows his to predict his opponents’ future movements, Shutoku seemed powerless, but the fighting spirit returns to the eyes of its members, and they face Rakuzan with an indomitable spirit!

The first semifinal match is between Shutoku and Rakuzan.
The game of fluctuating high level offense and defense changes as it enters the second quarter.

Hayama, one of the Uncrowned Kings, and overwhelms Miyaji with his amazing dribbling.