chatmonchy is preparing the release a new single “Convenience Honeymoon” which will be their 5th of 2012. The new single, produced by Okuda Tamio, comes in one Regular edition and is scheduled to hit stores September 12th. The duo also has a new album announced “Henshin” which will include the 5 singles of 2012 and 7 additional song for 12 total tracks – more details will be posted. Read on for more information on the new single…

~ updated details here ~

chatmonchy has been performing live at a number of the summer music festivals including the upcoming TV Asahi Dream Festival 2012 at SHIBUYA-AX and Yoyogi National Gymnasium October 6th thru 8th. More details on tickets and other artists available at the event’s Official website (link at bottom of report).  You can also catch them at Koyabu Sonic 2012 festival in Osaka September 29th and at Kinema Club Tokyo October 8th.

The group’s other four singles this year are “Kira Kira Hikare” a collaboration with ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION which released July 4th, “Hatena” released May 2nd, “Mangetsu ni Hoero”, and “Thermae Roman” featured as theme for anime Thermae Romae (release details).

The new single from chatmonchy,Convenience Honeymoon” comes in one edition with a First Press version that adds a slip-cover case. The coupling song “CHA CHA CHA” is a cover of classic song of Ishii Akemi made popular as theme song of 1986 TBS drama “Danjo 7 Natsu Monogatari”.

Cover jacket isn’t yet official so check back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

chatmonchy – “Convenience Honeymoon” – release date September 12th 2012

Regular mini-LP [CD] (¥1020)

1. Convenience Honeymoon

TV Asahi Dream Festival 2012

Koyabu Sonic 2012 Official website

Chatmonchy Official website