From his Japanese debut single “KISS KISS/Lucky Guy” that hit the stores Japan on January 25th, Kim Hyun Joong has just released the full Japanese version of music video for “Lucky Guy”. Previously the short version had been exposed and along with the single’s release details were posted here at Comtrya Sugoi. Link to the full length video follows,

KISS KISS/Lucky Guy” charted a strong #2 on Oricon for the week of January 23rd-29th with just over 100,000 sold. This double A-single has been a very positive Japanese debut for Korean star Kim Hyun Joong.

Universal Music Japan disabled embedding on this video so link out to their Youtube channel to watch to the full length version of Kim Hyun Joong’s  “Lucky Guy”,

Link out to Youtube - embed disabled on video


Source: Universal Music Japan Youtube channel