Koda Kumi has announced a new single “Go to the top” which is featured as the opening theme for summer anime Total Eclipse. During a special preview showing of the anime on June 29th the new song by Koda Kumi was revealed with the tie-in to the anime.

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More early information on the single and final preview video for the anime follows.

This will be Koda Kumi’s first single since taking a step back from the music industry last December when she announced her marriage and subsequent pregnancy. She has released a couple re-mix albums in the interim – “Driving Hits’s 4” on March 4th and the upcoming “Beach Mix” on August 1st.

Anime Total Eclipse (full title Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse) is adapted from a spin-off novel from PC game “Muv-Luv Alternative”. The story is set it an altered history where aliens called BETA have invaded earth and for the past 30 years have been wiping out humanity. As the BETA march on to Japan a group of rookie high school girls mount their mechanized Tactical Surface Fighters (Gundam’like) to protect their base.Three years later what remains of the of the TSF forces in a joint development project with the USA are in Alaska with hopes to develop the needed technology to fight the BETA before all of humanity is gone.


The anime began airing July 1st in Japan on TV Tokyo and streams same time (Sundays 9pm PDT) on Crunchyroll – first episode is available now – hit the link for: Total Eclipse. Also check out Crunchyroll updates page for all the latest episodes being streamed.

Koda Kumi has provided the lyrics for the new single “Go to the top” and teamed with composer CLARABELL to compose and produce the song. The release date and other details haven’t yet been announced and the single isn’t yet available for pre-orders.

Check back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates…until then enjoy the final trailer video for the anime.

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