U-KISS has updated the release details and revealed the jacket covers for their 3rd Japanese single, “Dear My Friend”. The single is featured as the ending theme song for anime Arashi no Yoru ni – Himitsu no Tomodachi. Early release details on the single were posted here along with information on the anime that began airing April 4th. The single is set for release on July 25th. Updated release details follow.

Singapore idol group Sea☆A is providing the anime’s opening theme with their new single “Friendship Birthday” (release details).

The single’s coupling track “Beautiful” has tie-in as the commercial message theme song for Kintetsu Pass’e.

U-KISS’s new single “My Dear Friend” is offered in two editions:
– Limited with bonus DVD that includes the music video for title track.
– Regular CD-only.

First Press version of the Limited adds a bonus DVD track with off shoot footage for the music video and a limited photo ( 1 of 8 ) and for the Regular edition adds the photo and bonus CD track live version of coupling track “Beautiful” recorded at the March 25th 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 performance at Zepp Tokyo.

Samples of the 8 possible photo cards:


U-KISS – “Dear My Friend” – release date July 25th 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1890)
Regular [CD] (¥1050)
1. My Dear Friend
2. Beautiful
3. My Dear Friend (off vocal)
4. Beautiful (off vocal)
1. My Dear Friend (music video)
[First Press] 2. My Dear Friend (off shoot)
1. My Dear Friend
2. Beautiful
[First Press] 3. Beautiful ~Live version~ from 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 (Zepp Tokyo)
4. My Dear Friend (off vocal)
5. Beautiful (off vocal)

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U-KISS Official website (Japan)