The Sketchbook has added more details for their 8th single “Asu he” (明日へ) with coupling track “Exit” featured as the second ending theme for anime TV series KINGDOM. The band provided the first ending theme with song “21” part of their 7th single. New single “Asu he” comes on two editions scheduled for release on September 25th 2013 – read on for more details.

~ updated details ~

Most recently The Sketchbook released their 3rd album “12” that includes singles “Clear”, “Spilt Milk / REFLECT”, and “Crack / 21” plus more for 12 total tracks. Album “12” hit stores July 31st 2013 (more details).

Anime KINGDOM is adapted from manga by Yasuhisa Hara and is set in the Warring States period of ancient China.


The first season aired 38 episodes beginning June 2012 and the second season is announced to begin airing June 8th 2013 on NHK. The first season is available at for streaming in North America, no announcement if the second season is going to be licensed for availability outside of Japan.

The Sketchbook will hold a number of launch events for their 8th single. Mini-live is open to all, purchasers at target store can join meeting, handshake, and autograph session,

– Sept. 25th 6:30pm Shinseido Kashiwa
– Oct. 5th 1:00pm Tower Records Shibuya
– Oct. 19th 12:00pm Tower Records Kobe
– Oct. 20th 12:00pm HMV Sakae

Fans who purchase the new single at target store Tower Records (Kanto region) get a voucher for a commemorative autographed poster when they also attend the band’s 2nd anniversary live “up to you” September 28th 2013 at Shibuya AX. Another gift set for purchasers of the single at HMV, Shinseido, animate, TSUTAYA, Wonder Goo who also attend the September 28th 2013 Shibuya AX live event.

The Sketchbook’s 8th single “Asu he” (明日へ) comes on two editions,

– Limited with DVD planned to include music video and making-of footage.

– Regular CD-only.

Jacket covers and more details will be updated when announced. Watch The Sketchbook in PV message video for their upcoming participation at Anicon-live along with other artists i☆Ris, ayami, CLUTCHO, and more September 14th 2:30pm & 6:00pm at WWW Shibuya (below).

The Sketchbook – “Asu he / Exit” – release date September 25th 2013

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1890)

Regular [CD] (¥1260)

1. Asu he
2. Exit (ED2 KINGDOM)
3. Asu he (off vocal)
4. Exit (off vocal)
1. music video
2. off shoot footage
1. Asu he
2. Exit
3. Asu he (off vocal)
4. Exit (off vocal)



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KINGDOM Season 2 Official website (NHK)

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