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Aqua Timez is getting ready to release new single Saigo Made II (最後まで II). Their 17th single is featured as 2nd ending theme for the new season of anime Gintama. Single Saigo Made II comes on two editions hitting stores August 5th 2015. Release details and music video follow.

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AKB48 tops the singles charts with 37th single Kokoro no Placard selling 1,057,774 copies – continuing their streak of first week 1 million+ selling singles now with 17 in a row! The single features the General Election (fan voting) top 16 with Watanabe Mayu as center. A total of 80 members selected to participate on the title track plus different coupling tracks included on the single’s multiple versions.

EXILE TRIBE tops album charts with REVOLUTION selling over 251,000 copies. Last week the combined EXILE x J Soul Brothers x EXILE GENERATIONS. topped the singles charts with THE REVOLUTION. Popular anime Sword Art Online II Song Collection album lands in the #6 spot.

Note: the soundtrack album for FROZEN (Anna and the Snow Queen) ended its run in the top 10 after 24 straight weeks.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

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Aqua Timez added more details for new album Elf no Namida (エルフの涙) – jacket covers, bonuses, and promotional videos revealed. Their 6th album includes single Eden, digital single Tegami Henshin, plus new songs for 13 total tracks. Album Elf no Namida comes on two main editions hitting stores August 27th 2014 – more details and PVs follow.

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Aqua Timez announced new album Elf no Namida (エルフの涙) that includes single Eden, digital single Tegami Henshin, plus new songs for 13 total tracks. Their 6th album starts a year 10th anniversary celebrations leading up to their debut anniversary on August 15th 2015. Album Elf no Namida comes on two main editions and a fan club version all scheduled for release on August 27th 2014 – more details follow…

~ updated details and PVs ~

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The weekly Oricon singles charts are topped by the boys of KANJANI8 with their 20th single “Aoppana” selling over 208,000 copies. The single is featured as theme song for TV drama “Boys on the Run” that also stars group member Maruyama. The second spot goes to the combined EXILE and J Soul Brothers as EXILE TRIBE with their single “24karats TRIBE OF GOLD” selling over 154,000 copies.

YUI and her first single of 2012 “fight” finds its way into the 5th spot on the charts. The song was written to be part of the 79th annual Junior High School Chorus contest.

Rock band abingdon boys school made their way onto the charts in the 8th spot with their first single in over 2 years “WE aRE”.

The album charts are topped by duo Kobukuro and their compilation album “All Singles BEST 2” with over 395,000 copies sold. Second spot goes to Kana Nishino with her 4th album “Love Place” selling over 167,000 copies. Rounding out the top 3 is popular Korean girl group KARA with their album “Collection” sell over 47,000 copies.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow.

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Band Aqua Timez is preparing to set to release their 5th album “because you are you” which will include their 14th single “MASK” features as the last ending theme for anime BLEACH and their 15th single “Tsubomi” that releases on August 22nd. The album comes in two editions and is set to hit stores on September 5th. Release details follows.

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Band Aqua Timez new single “Tsubomi” is featured as the theme song for NTV series “Ghost Mama Sousasen – Boku to Mama no Fushigi na 100 Nichi” staring Nakama Yukie.The new single is the band’s 15th overall and second of 2012. Their first single this year “MASK” was featured as ending theme song for anime BLEACH and released on February 22nd. Aqua Timez has also announced a new original album “because you are you” that is set to hit stores on September 5th, more details will be posted here. Their new single “Tsubomi” is scheduled for release on August 22nd – details follow.

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*Updated – Cover Jacket (original Jan-13th)

Its been over a year for a new single from Aqua Timez but the wait will soon be over with their 14th single “MASK” announced for release on February 22nd. Aqua Timez is well experienced with anime tie-ins and “MASK” is the current ending theme song for long running and popular anime BLEACH. Release details follow (no CD jackets yet),

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Rock band Aqua Timez will be part of a collaboration between the “Naruto” anime series and fashion retailer Uniqlo. Their new song “Mayonaka no Orchestra” will be the theme song of an original animation being given away to buyers of the “Naruto x Uniqlo” T-shirts that go on sale on January 1.

Uniqlo’s T-shirt brand has collaborated with other anime franchises before, including “One Piece,” but these will be the first ones featuring “Naruto.” Out of the 11 different patterns being released in stores nationwide, two were drawn by mangaka Masashi Kishimoto himself, and five were done by Studio Pierrot.

A limited number of people who buy the T-shirts will receive a “NARUTO x UT Original DVD,” containing a newly animated work. A special version of Aqua Timez’s “Mayonaka no Orchestra” (titled “Mayonaka no Orchestra UNIQLO x NARUTO ver.”) will be its theme song. Only 200,000 copies of the DVD are being produced, and they will be available not only in Japan, but also in stores in Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and France.

“Mayonaka no Orchestra” has also been chosen as the next ending theme of the “Naruto: Shippuden” television series. The song will be released as a single on January 26.

Source – Tokyograph

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