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The girls of RAINBOW have announced re-release of their first Japanese album “Over the Rainbow – Special Edition”. RAINBOW released “Over the Rainbow” back on March 28th and since then group has been quiet on new Japanese releases until now. There are three special editions with different bonuses each said to commemorate the hit album. None of the editions have new songs but include different mixes of RAINBOW’s live performances, videos, and hit Korean songs. Album “Over the Rainbow – Special Edition” hits stores December 12th – read on for more details.

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The boys of Tohoshinki with their Spring ballad “STILL” easily takes the #1 spot for the March 21st singles charts with over 138,000 sold (release details). Dropping out of the #1 spot and landing in the #2 spot is Arashi and their single “Wild at Heart” selling just over 46,000 but that makes their 2 week total nearly 600,000 copies sold (release details).

The girls from RAINBOW and their new Japanese single “Gonna Gonna GO!” land in the #7 spot (release details). And sounding out the top 10 is singer/seiyuu Nana Mizuki with another release tied to the musical anime Symphogear.

The album charts get the final release from SDN48, “NEXT ENCORE” in the top spot with over 48,000 sold (release details). In the second spot with another 41,000 copies sold is Ikimonogakari and their album “NEWTRAL” which held the top spot for the past 2 weeks. They just edged out miwa and her album “guitarium” selling just over 40,000 copies. And the girls of AFTERSCHOOL with their new album “PLAYGIRLZ” has a good opening week landing in the #8 spot with over 16,000 copies sold (release details).

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow,

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RAINBOW has just announced they will release their first Japanese album “Over the RAINBOW”. The album includes their upcoming single “Gonna Gonna Go!” as well as their other 2 Japanese singles “A” and “MACH”. They will compete with fellow female Korean pop group 2NE1 who is also releasing their first Japanese album release on March 28th. Limited release details follow,

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RAINBOW has just released a short version of the music video for their upcoming single “Gonna Gonna Go!”. Check out the release details for the new single were previously posted [here] at Comtrya Sugoi and the video follows,

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Korean girl group RAINBOW will release their 3rd Japanese single “Gonna Gonna Go!” on March 14th. RAINBOW is a sister group to the very popular KARA and they too are hopping for a strong impact in Japan. This single’s title track is their first original Japanese song after releasing Japanese versions of their hit Korean songs on their first two Japanese single releases. Read on for full release details,

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Korea’s largest music festival “26th Golden Disk Awards Ceremony” is set for the Kyocera Dome in Osaka Japan and span two days on January 11-12 2012.  The “Golden Disk Awards” aka Korea’s Grammy is best known to the POP music world as “K-award”, selects the Grand Prize based on the sales volume of CD and digital audio. Nominees and more details follow,

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Rainbow Mach regular large

Korean seven member idol group RAINBOW, fresh off their debut Japanese release “A” that charted #3 on the Oricon weekly charts for September 12th – 18th, has announced their second Japanese single “MACH.” The single is set for release on December 7th. RAINBOW has been busy marking their presence in Japan and continues with their 2nd single release.

Along with the title track the b-side song will be Japanese version of “Not Your Girl” that in its Korean version is on RAINBOW’s Korean debut album Gossip Girl. 

The new single will come in 4 editions and bonuses including form to purchase ticket for live performance “RAINBOW Premium Live.”.

Jacket covers and release edition details on jump,

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HEY HEY HEY music champHEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ is on hiatus this week to prepare for an 18th year anniversary special show on October 10th. The show will run a full two hours and feature mainly Korean groups as they dominated the charts for the past 2 weeks (Sept 19th –Oct 2nd).

The early line-up for the special includes K-Pop superstars:

Perfect timing to have Tohoshinki as part of the special show -  their album TONE was #1 this past week .TONE sold over 200,000 copies and its been 11-years since a non-Japanese group as sold so many in its first week.

Same goes for T-ARA who also just ranked #1 in the same week with their single, Bo Peep Bo Peep.

FTISLAND’s Best album came in at #3 and 2NE1’s album NOLZA charted #1 for Sept 19th-25th

Breaking from the all K-Pop line-up to rounding out the special show will be long-standing Japanese pop & dance group TRF, who were frequent performers on HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ when the show started 18 years ago.

This anniversary special should be a great show.

Source: avex blog site: mu-mo & Oricon

rainbow03Korean girl group RAINBOW took the stage and performed “A“, their Japanese debut single on today’s episode of Happy MUSIC.

With a heavy dose of “kawaii” the girls shared two things that make them “happy”: milk and the debut single. In addition, the members also gave a brief explanation on their dance routine for “A”. Is it any wonder these girls are making their impact. Click the image for video of their performance:


Rainbow’s Japanese single debut with their song, “A”, which was released on September 14th. You can keep track of the girls through their official Japanese website.


EXILE topped the Oricon charts this week with their latest single, “Rising Sun / Itsuka Kitto…,” selling almost 202,000 copies. This is their 11th number-one single and their 2nd in a row. Morning Musume is a distant #2 and Korean girl group RAINBOW continues the K-pop invasion with their debut Japanese release hitting #3 (a record for highest chart position for a debut single by a foreign female artist).

The third single “nexus” from the duo of middle school girls – ClariS – made a great showing landing at #5. More about “nexus” here.

Singles for September 12th – 18th

1. EXILE – Rising Sun / Itsuka Kitto… – 201,540
2. Morning Musume – Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! / Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! – 49,576
3. RAINBOW – A – 24,082
4. AKB48 – Flying Get – 23,034
5. ClariS – nexus – 19,478
6. Fukuyama Masaharu – Kazoku ni Narou yo / fighting pose – 18,063
8. The Cro-Magnons – Number One Yarou! – 13,010
9. Nakashima Mika – LOVE IS ECSTASY – 10,399
10. Sukima Switch – Hare Tokidoki Kumori – 9,031

In albums, AAA’s best collection “#AAABEST” sold 66,000 copies, becoming their first number-one album.

1. AAA – #AAABEST – 66,203
2. Hamasaki Ayumi – FIVE – 22,548
3. Che’Nelle – Love Songs – 14,100
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You – 12,885
5. SMAP – SMAP AID – 9,020
6. KREVA – GO – 6,857
7. Lady Gaga – Born This Way – 5,816
8. Kusuo – Koi ga Best Desubai – 5,739
9. Shoujo Jidai – GIRLS’ GENERATION – 5,551
10. Anzen Chitai – Anzen Chitai XII – 5,326

Sources: Oricon