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FictionJunction recently revealed more information for new album “elemental” – full track list and jacket cover added. It’s the composer Yuki Kajiura lead group’s 2nd album with their debut album Everlasting Songs (2009.02.25) releasing nearly 5 years ago. The new album includes all their previously released singles and coupling tracks plus self-cover and new songs for 13 total tracks. Album “elemental” hits stores January 22nd 2014 – the details follow.

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Namie Amuro is getting ready to release her 42nd single TSUKI with tie-up as the theme song for movie Dakishimetai ~Shinjitsu no Monogatari~ starring Keiko Kiagawa and Ryo Nishikido (KANJANI8). She recently added the jacket covers and more details for her first single of 2014. Single TSUKI’s two editions hit stores January 29th 2014 – more details and preview videos follow.

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nano.RIPE has updated the release details for their 3rd album Namida no Ochiru Sokudo (涙の落ちる速度) – jacket covers, full track list, and PV for new song Hello all revealed. The album includes singles Moshimo no Hanashi (2012.10.31, OP Bakuman), Kagefumi (2013.03.06, OP Hanasaku Iroha HOME SWEET HOME), Tsukihana (2013.05.22, ED The Devil is a Part-Timer!), and Nanairo Biyori (2013.10.30, OP Non Non Biyori), plus new songs and more for 14 total tracks. Album Namida no Ochiru Sokudo comes on three editions that hit stores January 8th 2014 – read on for more details and PV video (launch events added).

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Maaya Sakamoto has updated her new double a-side single SAVED / Be mine! revealing the jacket covers, teaser video for SAVED, and preview music video for Be mine!. Track SAVED gets tie-up as the ending theme for anime Inari KonKon Koi Iroha and track Be mine! as opening theme for anime World Conquest Zvezda Plot (Seikai Seifuku ~ Boryaku no Zvezda). Maaya Sakamoto’s 23rd single SAVED / Be mine! hits stores February 5th 2014 – updated details and preview videos follow.

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ZAQ’s 5th solo single VOICE has tie-up as the opening theme for upcoming anime Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions II (Chu-2 byo demo KOI ga shitai). It continues her connection with the anime providing the first season’s opening theme Sparkling Daydream as well as numerous insert songs and writing/composing the ending theme performed by the voice cast. Single VOICE comes on two editions set for release on January 29th 2014 – read on for more details, anime preview, and just revealed preview music video…

~ more details unveiled ~

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May’n updated the release details for her new album NEW WORLD – jacket covers and more details revealed. Its her 4th original album and contains six previously released singles and new songs, including Lose My Illusions, for 12 total tracks. Album NEW WORLD’s three editions hit stores January 29th 2014 – updated details and more follow.

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Topping the singles charts is SMAP with their 51st single Shareotsu / Hello selling over 207,000 copies. The double a-side single includes main theme song for TV series Dokushin Kizoku that stars member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. The second title song Hello is the official song of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary.

In the #2 spot is rock group UVERworld with their 25th single Nano Second, climbing into the #3 spot are the idols of S/mileage with their 15th single Eeka!? / Iiyatsu, and in the #4 spot are the Korean group U-KISS with their 7th Japanese single Fall in Love / Shape of Your Heart.

On top of the album charts Kobukuro with their 8th original album One Song From Two Hearts selling just under 100,000 copies.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and album charts follow.

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May’n has update the release details for her new single Kyo ni Koiiro (今日に恋色) – jacket covers and preview music video revealed. Its her 9th single and gets tie-up as the opening theme for new anime TV series Inari KonKon Koi Iroha. Single Kyo ni Koiiro comes on two editions that hit stores January 29th 2014 – more details and PV music video follow.

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Kanon Wakeshima recently announced new single “signal” with tie-up as the next ending theme for anime Strike the Blood. The single is Kanon Wakeshima’s first in over a year and 4th solo single (5th including digital only releases). Single “signal” comes on two editions scheduled for release on February 19th 2014 – read on for more…

~ updated details and PV ~

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Ogura Yui is providing the ending theme Charming Do! for anime Recently, my sister is unusual (ImoCho) plus she is voicing key character Hiyori Kotobuki in the romantic comedy anime. Charming Do! is Ogura Yui’s 3rd solo single and its scheduled for release on January 29th 2014. Read on for more details, preview music video, and trailer for the anime….

~ updated details, jacket covers ~

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Aoi Eir updated the release details for her 6th single Niji no Oto (虹の音) with tie-up as the theme song for special Sword Art Online EXTRA EDITION. The original episode, simulcast worldwide December 31st 2013/January 1st 2014, has a new English subtitled trailer revealed. Single Niji no Oto comes on a Limited Pressing edition hitting stores on January 1st 2014. Updated release details and anime’s subtitled trailer video follow.

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