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Kana Hanazawa has updated the release details for her 3rd single “happy endings” – cover jackets, full track list, and bonuses are revealed. The single has a tie-in as ending theme for upcoming anime Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster. Kana Hanazawa will also be voicing character Aika Fuwa in the anime. Single “happy endings” comes in two editions and hits stores October 24th. Updated release details follow…

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Tomoko Kawase (Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6) has announced a new mini-album “HALLOWEEN ADDICTION”. The mini-album includes two previously released extended length songs and one new extended length song “Never Ending Party Night”. The release comes in two editions and hits stores October 17th. Read on for more release information and pre-order link…

~ preview music videos exposed – here ~

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U-KISS has announced their second Japanese album “DORADORA” (ドラドラ) which is a combination of mini-albums released in Korea. The album  is offered in two editions and is set for release on September 26th. More release details and music video for “DORADORA” (Korean ver.) follows…

Updated release details – cover jacket and album title “DORADORA + The Special To Kissme”.

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Tamura Yukari has updated the release details for her second compilation album “Everlasting Gift” – cover jackets and full track list are revealed. The album includes singles from “Hoshizora no Spica” (ending theme Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) to “Endless Story” (insert song anime C3) – a total of 9 singles plus 4 additional songs for 13 total tracks. “Everlasting Gift” comes in two editions and hits stores October 17th – updated release details follow…

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The WEATHER GIRLS have updated their Japanese debut single “Koi no Tenki Yoho” release information – cover jackets are revealed. Their debut single which translates to “Weather Forecast of Love” is produced by Jeff Miyahara and is offered in two editions. “Koi no Tenki Yoho” is scheduled to hit stores October 17th – updated release details follow…

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KARA has just announced a new Japanese single “Electric Boy” and its scheduled to hit stores quickly on October 17th! Its been about 6 months since KARA released their last Japanese single “Speed Up / Girls Power” on March 21st. The long awaited new single “Electric Boy” comes in three editions with all new Japanese songs. The girls also announced a simultaneous release of “KARA 1ST JAPAN TOUR 2012 KARASIA” on DVD and Blu-ray. Read on for more release details on their new Japanese single “Electric Boy”…

~ updated report with preview music video – here ~

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Arashi has announced their 11th album “Popcorn” which includes their 4 singles released since their 10th album “Beautiful World” which came just over a year ago. Their new album tracks will also have 7 new songs and 5 member solo songs for a total of 16 tracks. “Popcorn” is scheduled for release on October 31st – more early release details follow…

* updated release info – here

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FTISLAND just announced their 9th Japanese single “Polar Star” which will come in three editions and is scheduled for release on November 28th. The single isn’t yet titled but it will be FTISLAND’s third single of 2012. They are also releasing a live DVD of their performance in July at Saitama Super Arena on September 26th and a Blu-ray version on October 24th. The single’s Limited A edition’s DVD includes footage from this same performance. Read on for more early release details…

~ single titled “Polar Star” – more details here ~

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Annabel has announced her first album since she launched her solo career three years ago. The new album isn’t yet titled but will include her six previously released anime tie-up songs, game tie-up songs, and new song(s). It comes in two editions including a Limited with bonus DVD. The album is scheduled for release on November 28th – more early release details follow and pre-order link….

~ Albumminiscapeupdated release details ~

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GACKT has updated the release information for his new single “HAKURO” – cover jackets and new bonus are revealed. The single is currently featured as theme song for live-action TV drama Sengoku BASARA MOONLIGHT PARTY. GACKT is also staring in role of Nobunaga Oda in the TV drama based on the Sengoku BASARA game. Also revealed is a TV commercial spot for the new single which hits stores October 10th – updated release details and CM video follow…

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SHINee is getting read to release their new single “Dazzling Girl” and have revealed a video message in Japanese and Korean discussing the new single. Previously SHINee updated the release details and exposed a preview music video for the title track. “Dazzling Girl” is the group’s first all original Japanese single and is offered in three editions – the single hits stores October 10th. Release details and video message follows…

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