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This week’s singles charts are topped by SKE48 with their single “Kiss Datte Hidarikiki” selling a very strong 511,000 copies. It’s the AKB48 sister group’s 6th #1 single in a row and their highest selling opening week selling single. The ‘48’s are just getting stronger…will Japan ever have a shortage of idols?

Also landing on the singles charts in duo Porno Graffitti and their single “Kage Boushi” in the #3 spot and Korean group 2NE1 with their newest Japanese single “I LOVE YOU” in the #5 spot.

Over on the album charts its Superfly with her 4th album “Force” showing that she is a force selling 119,000 copies. In a close second is a simultaneous release by SKE48 of their first album “Konohi no Chime wo Wasurenai” selling 110,000 copies.

Also landing on the album charts is fictional band EGOIST from anime Guilty Crown – lead by talented new composer ryo who also leads supercell – the album “Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities” made it into the #9 spot in a very tight top 10.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow…

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New tribute compilation album “SHE LOVES YOU” lead and arranged by YUI, features many popular female artists and groups covering selected YUI songs. The album features YUI covering her own “CHE.R.RY” bossa nova style, SCANDAL covering “How crazy”, Shoko Nakagawa covering “Rolling star”, Eir Aoi covering “GLORIA”, Stereopony covering “again”, and more. The album releases October 24th – read on for more details…

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GACKT has announced his 43rd original single! The new single isn’t yet titled but GACKT himself will be responsible for composing and writing the title song. The single comes in two editions, Limited with bonus DVD and Regular CD-only. It hits stores November 28th – continue reading for more early release details…

~ Single titled, release delayed – details here ~

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Pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki has announced a new mini-album “LOVE” that kicks off a 5-consecutive months of releases which lead up to her 15-anniversary in April 2013. The mini-album includes new song “Song 4 u” which will be featured as theme song for game “Tales of Xillia 2”. Two additional new songs plus remixes push the number of tracks to 12. “LOVE” comes in three editions and hits stores November 8th – read on for more release details…

~ cover jackets revealed – here ~

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T-ARA has revealed a preview version of the Japanese version of “DAY BY DAY” which is a coupling track on the Regular edition of new Japanese single “Sexy Love”. The full music video for “DAY BY DAY” will be included on the Limited B edition bonus DVD. Each of the three versions of their new Japanese single “Sexy Love” come with a different coupling song which is a Japanese version of previously released Korean song. More details and the preview music video follows..

~ updated release details reportedhere ~

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Haruka Tomatsu has her 10th single “Q&A Recital!” announced for release and with tie-in to Fall anime Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun as its opening theme song. Tomatsu will also provide the voice for lead character Mizutani Shizuku. Her new single “Q&A Recital!” comes in two editions and hits stores October 17th. Read on for more release details…

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9nine has officially announced their 8th single “White Wishes” – which has tie-in with Fall anime Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun as its ending theme song. The new single is said to be a happy pop tune nestled in with lyrics of both the good and difficult times High School and Christmas can bring. Single “White Wishes” comes in five editions and hits stores December 12th. More early release details follow…

~ updated release details ~

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Teenage singer/songwriter Leo Ieiri (17) has announced her first album – “LEO” – which features her three singles “SABRINA”, “Shine”, and “Bless You”, coupling track “Hello”, and 9 new songs for a total of 13 tracks. The Limited edition includes bonus DVD with music video plus several live song performances. Album “LEO” releases October 24th – more release details follow…

~ promotional videos revealed – here ~

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Idol group 9nine has announced their 7th single, a double-A side release “Iiaru! Kyonshi feat. Haohao! Kyonshi Girl / Brave”. The lead track has tie-in as theme song for TV Tokyo drama “Haohao! Kyonshi Girl” (Good good! Vampire Girl) which stars member Umika Kawashima and the rest of the girls of 9nine. A-side coupling track “Brave” will be used during fighting scenes in the drama. Single “Iiaru! Kyonshi feat. Haohao! Kyonshi Girl / Brave” comes in 4 editions and is scheduled to hit stores November 14th. Read on for more early release details…

~ updated release details – here ~

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Brand-new Idol Society (BiS) has updated the release details for their first album “IDOL is DEAD” -  cover jackets and full track list have been announced. The girls have also released a preview music video for the album’s title track “IDOL is DEAD”. Their ‘Rock’ album is offered in three editions with different cover jackets for the First Press versions of the Limited editions. “IDOL is DEAD” hits stores on October 24th – read on for updated release information and preview music video…

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Kana Hanazawa has updated the release details for her 3rd single “happy endings” – cover jackets, full track list, and bonuses are revealed. The single has a tie-in as ending theme for upcoming anime Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster. Kana Hanazawa will also be voicing character Aika Fuwa in the anime. Single “happy endings” comes in two editions and hits stores October 24th. Updated release details follow…

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