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Girl band SCANDAL has announced a new album “Encore SHOW” that is a compilation of b-side tracks from many of their previously released singles. Included from their April 2011 single “Haruka” is track “Satisfaction” currently featured in commercial messages in Japan for Windows 8. Also included on a release for the first time is track “PLAY BOY” which the band has only played live. Album “Encore SHOW” includes 16 total tracks and is scheduled to hit stores February 6th 2013 – read on for more release details and a video clip…

~ updated release details ~

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Instrumental strings unit Crustacea is getting ready to release their 6th album overall and 3rd in the series “Unification3” which are classically arranged covers of Minori Chihara songs. The third album in the series will feature songs “TERMINATED”, “Dream Wonder Formation” and more for 10 total tracks. Minori Chihara will also provide vocals while the first two albums were purely instrumental versions of her songs. Album “Unification3” comes on one Regular CD-only edition and is scheduled to hit stores December 26th – read on for more details and audio preview video…

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Idol groups BiS and Dorothy Little Happy are collaborating on new single “GET YOU”. The single comes in two editions with each featuring one idol group. Each will cover one of the others hit songs along and adding a new song on their edition of the single. Single “GET YOU” is scheduled to hit stores January 9th 2013 – more details and music video for the title track follow.. .

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9nine has updated the release details for their 8th single “White Wishes” – which is featured as the ending theme for anime My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun). The new single comes on 5 editions including an anime theme cover and a Monochhichi x 9nine themed cover. Single “White Wishes” hits stores December 12th – updated release details follow…

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Group eyelis has announced their 3rd single “OUTLAWS” which will be featured as ending theme for anime THE UNLIMITED – Hyobu Kyosuke (THE LIMITED). Its eyelis’s 3rd single in 3 months and all have tie-ins as anime theme songs. Single “OUTLAWS” comes on one Regular CD-only edition and is scheduled to be in stores January 30th. Read on for more details and the newest preview video for anime THE UNLIMITED

~ updated details ~

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BOOM BOOM SATELLITES have updated the release details for their 8th original album “EMBRACE” – cover jackets, full track list and bonus details are revealed. The album, part of their 15th anniversary celebration, includes single “BROKEN MIRROR”, new song “EMBRACE”, “ANOTHER PERFECT DAY”, “HELTER SKELTER” (Beatles cover) and more for a total of 10 tracks. Album “EMBRACE” is set to hit stores January 9th 2013 – update release details follow…

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Ayumi Hamasaki has just released her new mini-album “again” and has revealed three promotional videos – a commercial message spot for the mini-album, preview music video for “Wake me up”, and a short version music video for “snowy kiss”. The mini-album “again” releases Saturday December 8th rather than the traditional Wednesday as part of the celebration of releases leading up to Ayumi Hamasaki’s 15th anniversary on April 8th. Read on for more release details and promotional videos…

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KAT-TUN has announced their 20th single, not yet titled, that will feature coupling tracks with tie-ins with Suzuki Solio compact wagon as commercial message theme songs. It also features a special video produced by and solo song from member Yuichi Nakamaru. The new single comes on two Limited and one Regular edition – contents differ on each edition. KAT-TUN’s 20th single is scheduled to hit stores February 6th – read on for more early release details…

~ single “EXPOSEupdated here ~

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KARA has announced they will get animated! The girls will get their own anime KARA THE ANIMATION which is scheduled for Spring 2013. The anime is scheduled for 5 episodes with each featuring one group member – Nicole, Jiyoung, Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara. KARA will also provide the theme song for the anime with a yet to be announced new single. Read on for more details…

~ updated details, NOTTV broadcast ~

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eyelis has updated the release information on their 2nd single “Hikari no Kiseki / Mirai e no Tobira” – cover jackets have been revealed. The double-A side release has songs featured as the themes for a pair of anime OVA releases for The World God Only Knows (TWGOK) franchise. The OVA animes come bundled with the 19th and 20th limited edition manga volumes which hit stores in October & December. Single “Hikari no Kiseki / Mirai e no Tobira” comes on two editions and is scheduled to be in stores December 19th – updated details follow….

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NEGOTO has announced their 6th single “Tashikana Uta” – the third release of their 4-month consecutive release project. The new single, described as the rock band’s first ballad, has a tie-up as ending theme for Fuji TV’s talk show Uchikuru!? (Come to my House!?) hosted by Shoko Nakagawa. Single “Tashikana Uta” will come on one Limited edition and is scheduled for release January 23rd 2013. Read on for more release details and pre-order link…

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