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B1A4 announces first Japanese album, not yet titled, which will include their two Japanese singles “Beautiful Target” and the upcoming “Oyasumi Good Night” plus 7 additional songs for 9 total tracks. The album is offered in three editions including a Limited edition that adds bonus B1A4 figure (1 of 5). B1A4’s new album is scheduled to hit stores on October 24th – read on for more details and pre-order link…

~ album titled “1” – updated details here ~

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The WEATHER GIRLS have officially announced their Japanese debut single “Koi no Tenki Yoho” (Weather Forecast of Love). The single is produced by Jeff Miyahara and is said to be an up-beat pop tune full of moe moe kyun. “Koi no Tenki Yoho” is offered in two editions and scheduled to hit stores October 17th. Read on for more details and pre-order link…

~ updated release details reported ~

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UVERworld has updated the release information on their new single “THE OVER” – the cover jackets and full track is now official. The single has a tie-in as the theme song for TV series “Kuro no Onna Kyoshi” which airs on TBS TV in Japan beginning July 22nd. “THE OVER” is the band’s 22nd single and is offered in two editions. It will be in stores August 29th – updated release information follows…

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The Sketchbook has updated the release information for new single “Clear” – cover jackets and full track list have been revealed for the single featured now as the 6th opening theme for anime SKET DANCE. The band also updated release details for their second album, “Re:Action” scheduled for simultaneous release with the new single on September 26th. Updated details on single “Clear” follow…

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GRANRODEO has announced their 18th single “DARK SHAME” which will be featured as the opening theme for upcoming anime CODE:BREAKER. The single comes in two editions and is set for release on November 7th. GRANRODEO also has album “CRACK STAR FLASH” upcoming for release on October 10th (more details). Read on for details on new single “DARK SHAME”…

~ updated release details – here ~

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The Sketchbook has officially titled their 2nd album “Re:Action” and its scheduled for simultaneous release with their 5th single “Clear”, both on September 26th. In addition to announcing the title the band has revealed the cover jacket for the album. To celebrate the release of both “Re:Action” and single “Clear” the band will hold an event at AMAGASAKI Edionstudio on September 16th 2pm. Read on for more release details…

~ more updated release details posted ~

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Promotional campaign for the Japanese release of the classic JAWS movie on Blu-ray, Geneon Universal has made a short video with Danboard – the cardboard robot from the Yotsuba&! manga series by mangaka Kiyohiko Azuma. Danboard or Danbo has perhaps become more recognizable than any of the main Yotsuba&! characters (just Google “Danboard” to see all the fan support). Continue on for what is destine to be a classic CM video…

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Mega idol group AKB48 has announced their next single – not yet titled – scheduled for release on October 31st. The single is their 28th and comes in six editions – three are special editions that include a ticket to one of their fan appreciation handshake events. More early details and pre-order links follow…

~ single titled “UZA” – updated details here ~

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EGOIST has their first album titled “Extra terrestrial Biological Entities” includes the previously released singles all with tie-ins to TV anime Guilty Crown. The band EGOIST is the fictional band from anime Guilty Crown and truly the work of the talented ryo (supercell) with vocals provided by chelly who was chosen last year along with Koeda among 2000 hopeful applicants. The album is due out September 19th – read on for more details…

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2NE1 has updated the release details for their 3rd Japanese single “I LOVE YOU” – cover jackets and full track list are official. The single is their Korean hit song released early in July with Japanese lyrics and previously the release date was listed as August 29th but now officially it will hit stores on September 12th. Earlier the girls exposed a preview music video for “I LOVE YOU” with the Japanese lyrics. Read on for updated details and another chance at the preview video…

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Minori Chihara has announced her 16th single “SELF PRODUCER” which has tie-in as the opening theme song for Fall anime Onii-chan Dakedo ai sae Areba Kankei nai yo. In addition to providing the theme song Minori Chihara will voice character Nasuhara Anastasia in the anime. The new single “SELF PRODUCER” will hit stores October 24th – more details follow…

~ release details updated – here ~

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