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Tomoko Kawase as her alter Tommy february6 has announced a new single “Be My Valentine”. The release celebrates the 15th anniversary since Tomoko Kawase’s debut with band the brilliant green and will be released on the alter’s name-sake and her birthday. The title song is a fun and cute tune perfect for the Valentine season. Single “Be My Valentine” is available on one CD-only edition and scheduled to hit stores February 6th 2013. Read on for more release details and pre-order link.

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Model and singer Risa Yoshiki (吉木りさ) recently released her third single* "Sekai wa Kyoshitsu Dake Ja Nai" (世界は教室だけじゃない). As with her previous single she is collaborating with Kenichi Maeyamada (Hyadain) on the title song. The single comes on two editions and released on December 5th 2012 – read on for more details.

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Group Porno Graffitti (ポルノグラフィティ) has announced their 37th single "Matataku hoshi no shita de" (瞬く星の下で) which will be featured as the second opening theme for anime Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic. The single is available on three editions and is scheduled to be in stores March 6th 2013. Read on for more early release details.

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Koda Kumi is getting ready to release single – “Koishikute” – and has revealed personal message discussing the upcoming release. The title song is described as a love ballad perfect for the winter months and Christmas in a song that depicts the heart-felt feelings between couples that appear only when they are far apart. Single “Koishikute” is scheduled to hit stores December 26th (previously announced as December 5th) – read on for release details and preview music video.

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Nagi Yanagi (やなぎなぎ) has added more details for new single now titled “Zoetrope” and revealed audio preview and cover art. Her 4th solo single has tie-in as the opening theme song for upcoming TV anime AMNESIA. Nagi is collaborating with Saito Shinya on her new single which is scheduled for release on January 30th 2013. Updated release details and anime preview video featuring “Zoetrope” follow…

~ updated details, preview music video ~

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Ayumi Hamasaki has announced her 14th original album as part 4 of her 15th anniversary celebration of 5 consecutive months of releases. The album isn’t yet titled but is planed to include 14 tracks and is available in five editions. Ayumi Hamasaki’s 14th album is scheduled to be in stores February 8th – read on for more early details and pre-order link…

~ updated detailsLOVE again ~

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Singer/voice actress Eri Kitamura recently updated the release details for her new single “Miracle Gliders” – cover jackets, full track list, and preview music video are revealed. The new single has tie-in as theme song for PSP game “Suiheisen Made Nani Mile? – ORIGINAL FLIGHT“. The updated 2008 PC game with new graphics for PSP has a new key character voiced by Eri Kitamura. Single “Miracle Gliders” hits stores January 9th 2013 – updated release details and preview videos follow.

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Utada Hikaru is releasing her first single in 2 years – “Sakura Nagashi” – which will be featured as the ending theme for anime movie Evangelion 3.0. The single comes as a digital download or on a DVD-only release that includes the music video directed by Cannes International Film Festival Grand Prix winner Naomi Kawase. A preview length of the video is available via Utada’s official Youtube channel. The DVD single “Sakura Hagashi” hits stores December 26th – read on for more details and the preview music video…

~ updated details ~

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Arashi recently announced a live DVD release that captures their “ARAFES” concert held at National Olympic Stadium Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku on September 20th & 21st. This live event featured a set list as voted for by fans from a possible 240 Arashi songs. The DVD “ARAFES” comes on two disks and features 37 songs plus additional planned footage – approximately 200 minutes of live Arashi! The release drops December 26th – read on for more details…

~ cover jacket updated ~

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Haruka Tomatsu updated the details for her 2nd solo album “Sunny Side Story” – cover jackets, full track list, and bonus details are revealed. The album includes 5 singles, coupling tracks, and new songs for 13 total tracks. It comes on two editions and hits stores January 16th – read on for more details.

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Singer/voice actress Tamura Yukari updated the details for her new single, now titled “W:Wonder tale” and revealed the cover art. Her 28th single will be featured as the ending theme for upcoming anime OreShura (Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru) plus she will voice lead character Natsukawa Masuzu in the anime. Single “W:Wonder tale” is scheduled to hit stores February 6th – more release details and preview(s) for anime OreShura

~ preview music video revealed ~

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