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Sexy Zone top the singles charts with Otoko never give up selling over 125,000 copies. Their 7th single and 7th #1 includes coupling song Keep The Challenge the image song for Fuji TV’s coverage of the Women’s Volleyball World Grand Prix 2014.

AKB48 unit French Kiss 6th single, first in over two years – Omoidasenai Hana (思い出せない花) climbs into #2. Sound producer Revo’s group Sound Horizon is just back in #3 with single Vanishing Starlight. Idol unit Juice=Juice climbs into #4 single Senobi / Date Janai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa.

Fictional idol group μ’s (Muse) from game, anime, music franchise Love Live! hits #5 with single Shangri-la Shower featured as theme song for PS Vita game. Voice actor Kana Hanazawa lands at #12 with 6th single Hohoemi Mode.

Group AAA tops the album charts with 9th album GOLD SYMPHONY selling over 59,000 copies.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

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French Kiss revealed more details for their 6th single Omoidasenai Hana (思い出せない花) – jacket covers and preview music video unveiled. The single is featured as the theme song for drama SAVEPOINT staring unit member Takajo Aki. Its also featured as theme for the unit’s travel variety series French Kiss no Kiss Tabi. Single Omoidasenai Hana comes on 4 editions scheduled for release on October 1st 2014 – more details and PV follow…

Track list details updated! Coupling songs feature lyrics writing by unit members and solo songs.

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The release details have been updated for the compilation album “SKET DANCE Theme Collection THE BEST DANCE” – cover jacket revealed and track list updated. Popular anime SKET DANCE had theme songs contributed by French Kiss, the pillows, GACKT, ChocoLe, The Sketchbook, and more. Album “SKET DANCE Theme Collection THE BEST DANCE” contains 18 theme songs on two editions and hits stores December 19th – updated release details follow.

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SKET DANCE anime may have ended for now but they have announced a compilation album “SKET DANCE Theme Collection THE BEST DANCE” of nearly all the opening and ending theme songs. The anime ran 77 episodes with 6 opening theme songs and 13 ending theme songs. The album contains 18 tracks of theme songs contributed by French Kiss, the pillows, GACKT, ChocoLe, The Sketchbook, and more. Album “THE BEST DANCE” comes in two editions and releases December 19th – read on for more details…

~ updated details reported ~

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The Oricon charts are topped this week by NEWS and their single “Chankapana” selling over 244,000 copies. AKB48 sub-group French Kiss has their 5th single “Romance Privacy” landing in the #2 spot on the charts with over 85,000 copies sold. Singer and voice actress Kana Hanazawa charts well in the #4 spot (release details) and Korean sensation IU sees her second Japanese single chart in the 5th spot (release details).

On the album charts its Southern All Stars member Kuwata dominating with a special solo album of greatest hits “I LOVE YOU -now & forever-“ which had strong fan support selling over 430,000 copies. In the second spot is SEKAI NO OWARI with their album “ENTERTAINMENT” with 65,000 copies sold. And Namie Amuro’s album “Uncontrolled” which held the top spot for the past 3 weeks is pushed down to the #3 spot.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow.

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OriconA strong month for powerhouses Arashi (#1 single, #7 album), AKB48 (#7 single) and its sister group SKE48 (#2 single) and subgroups Not Yet (#4 single), French Kiss (#5 single), and Johnny’s Entertainment groups Sexy Zone (#3 single) and Kanjani8 (#2 album) on the monthly charts.

KARA – perhaps the hottest female idol group out of Korea these days managed to top the album charts with their release “Super Girl”. Two real ‘super girls’ – YUI was #3 on the album charts and singer/voice actress Nana Mizuki was #6. 

Check out the complete top 10 charts that follow,

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French Kiss Saisho no Mail CKARA red passion

Ten new singles have hit the Oricon weekly charts with AKB48 subunit French Kiss in the top spot. More details and preview video of their new single, “Saisho no Mail” were previously posted. Lots of great new singles on the list including in the #5 spot, LiSA and “oath sign” which is also featured as the opening theme for current Fall anime “Fate/Zero.” This is LiSA’s debut single and her previous work includes Girls Dead Monster fictional group from anime “Angel Beats.”

Rounding out the top 10 is another anime related release, supercell’s latest single “My Dearest” featuring new vocalist, Koeda. “My Dearest” is featured as the opening theme for anime “Guilty Crown” and supercell leader ryo is in charge of all music production for this Fall anime.

On the album charts Korean group KARA dominated with their new album “Super Girl” and set a new high sales mark for a non-Japanese female group (topping Girls Generation). Showing strong in #3 is Nana Mizuki’s second best song album, “THE MUSEUM II.”

Complete charts follow after jump.

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french_type_gekijoAKB48 sub-unit French Kiss will release their 4th single, “Saisho no Mail” in about a month on November 22nd. 

There will be four editions for the single, three Limited CD+DVD and one Regular CD only edition. Limited First Press editions will come with a bonus poster, 1 of 4 trading cards, and applications for tickets to attend 2 of several different French Kiss events. Besides the different cover jackets each of the 4 editions have a different B-side track and the 3 Limited DVDs also sport different second video. All makes for a costly release for French Kiss fans.

Check out the covers, tracklists, and PV video after the jump,

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French Kiss has announced their second single “If.” The song is a collaboration with Kanan Minami’s popular shoujo manga series “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu,” which so far has 5 million copies in print over 10 volumes.

The three members of French Kiss will star in an original live-action drama, set at the same high school as the manga but taking place one year before the manga’s story. The drama will be included as a DVD with one of the versions of the “If” single, which is scheduled for release on January 19. A different version of the single will instead come with a “digital comic” DVD, which features the members of French Kiss providing voice-overs to images from the manga.

In addition, “If” has been chosen as the theme song for the “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu” OVA being released on February 25, 2011.

Source – Tokyograph

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Details have been released for the French Kiss debut single “Zutto Mae Kara,” which goes on sale on September 8. The single will come in three versions with different contents, including an original short drama.

First unveiled last month, French Kiss consists of AKB48 members Yuki Kashiwagi (19), Aki Takajo (18), and Asuka Kuramochi (20). Their first song, “Zutto Mae Kara,” is currently being used as the ending theme of the baseball anime series “Major.”

The single will have a CD-only version and two CD+DVD versions, each coming with a different coupling song. The CD-only version will have a French Kiss version of the Team B song “Temodemo no Namida,” while the first CD+DVD version will have a French Kiss version of “Yokaze no Shiwaza” (also a Team B song). The second CD+DVD version will have a brand new song.

The DVD included in the first CD+DVD version contains a video clip for “Zutto Mae Kara,” but it will also come with an original drama, also titled “Zutto Mae Kara.” The youthful love story has the three girls playing managers of a school baseball team, and part of the story involves a romance with the team’s ace player. The drama is being handled by television, film, and music video director Ten Shimoyama.

Fans who reserve the single at one of several designated retail stores will also have a chance in a lottery drawing for a special event.

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